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Competitive Cheer Teams


What is competitive all star cheer?

Teams put together routines that include tumbling, jumping, stunting, and dancing. They then go to competitions throughout the region and country to perform and compete their routine against other all star teams. There is no “cheering” except by parents and fans of the competitive athletes of course!


What ages can participate and what skills are required?

Athletes between the ages of 3-18 are eligible to compete. There are no set skills that are required. Athletes are able to contribute in a variety of ways. For the youngest athletes, it’s very helpful for them to be able to do a cartwheel and forward roll. For athletes over 8, it’s very helpful for them to be able to do a back walkover. Not having these skills though, does not automatically disqualify an athlete from making a team.


Does everyone make a team?

No, everyone does not necessarily make a team. However, we do our very best to find a good fit for each athlete that desires to participate.

What can I do to prepare my athlete?

If they are not yet involved in a class at TGC, that’s the first thing that we would recommend. This allows our coaches to get a feel for where they are and how they respond to our coaches. It also allows you a chance to get a feel for the culture at TGC to see if you feel it’s a good fit for your family!

When does the season start?

Our season runs from May-April. We do our evaluations during the month of May and start practices in June!

What is the time and practice commitment?

Most teams will practice two times per week (1.5-2 hours each), with one of those practices being on Sunday afternoon. Our youngest Tiny Novice team will practice only one day per week for 1.5 hours.

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