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Competitive Gymnastics Team


Here at TGC, we strive to give every competitive athlete an opportunity to excel, not only in the gym, but in life! When properly taught, competitive gymnastics or cheerleading can teach self-esteem, self-motivation, self-discipline, dedication, teamwork, and respect for others. When our students are done throwing tucks and turning back hip circles, they will have established a base of personal skills that will undoubtedly assist them through all of their years. 

If you are interested in being a part of our TGC Gymnastics Team family, it is never too early to plug in! Since we are currently mid-season, we highly recommend that your athlete enroll in a class at TGC! This way, your athlete can become familiar with us and our expectations, make sure their skills are ready to go for next season, and our coaches and staff can get to know you and your family! 

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